There are a million reasons to add Frosted Frog products to your short-term and long-term travel gear. The versatility and durability of our coolers and tumblers make them ideal for many purposes.

What are the Benefits of Cold Storage Containers?

Let’s face it, food and drinks are best enjoyed when they’re at the right temperature. Beyond that, some foods can be downright dangerous to eat if storage temperatures rise to unsafe levels. When you need to take your sustenance on-the-go, you need some form of cold food storage to make sure you don’t go hungry during the trip.

With a Frosted Frog cooler, you receive a reliable way to store and keep your food and drinks cold with our cold storage containers and tumblers. The tight, commercial grade seal locks in cool air and prevents unwelcome critters from chowing down on your food. When you want to sip a hot or cold beverage, our insulated tumblers make every sip as good as the first.

Are Cold Storage Containers Just for Camping?

You can use Frosted Frog coolers as more than just camping ice chests. They act as great tailgate coolers for sporting events, as well as these other convenient applications:

    • Picnics


    • Outdoor concerts


    • Beach trips


    • Bake sales


    • Long car rides


Any time you have food or drinks that have to sit a while, a Frosted Frog cooler can come to the rescue. Our cold drink storage containers are strong enough to hold dry ice, which can give you that extra chill factor you need for long days in the heat.

How Effective are Insulated Tumblers?

There are many benefits of using our tumblers. Frosted Frog makes a high-quality cup that keeps drinks cold for 24 hours and hot for 8 hours. This allows you to nurse that beverage for as long as you want. If your drink is already chilled when it goes in, Frosted Frog tumblers will keep drinks cold without ice.

There’s no question our coolers and tumblers get the job done. When it comes to using your Frosted Frog products, the sky’s the limit! Start shopping now to take advantage of all the benefits of cold storage containers.

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